Religion & Media

Books, statues, scrolls, buildings, printed images, radios, televisions, social networks–these are all media that people use to experience religion. They allow forming religious communities, negotiating religious identities, and fostering encounters between various religious traditions. Focusing on media is one way to better understand religious changes through history as well as to study contemporary developments in society, culture, and religion.

This is the reason why the recently formed academic field of religion and media is getting increasing attention. The Religion & Media focus area at CERES explores under researched aspects of this field, and proposes innovative approaches:

The Religion & Media focus area involves international scholars from various disciplines–including religious studies, media studies and communication, philology, art history, anthropology, sociology–who employ their different expertise to discuss new methodologies and theories. They organize workshops, establish international networks, and disseminate research through conferences and publications. New collaborations, perspectives, and ideas are always welcome.

Current Projects

CRC 1475 „Metaphors of Religion“

Religious Meaning-Making in Language Use

Religious meaning-making occurs in and through metaphors. In metaphors, meaning is trans-ferred from one semantic domain to another. Religion, which …

Graduate School RePliV

Graduate School RePliV—Website For pluralistic societies, peaceful coexistence between members of different religious communities and non-religious people is a fundamental …

Research Focus "Missionary Collections"

CERES researchers, together with colleagues from museums and other universities, are studying the material dimension of cultural and religious contacts …

Theorie and Empiricism of Religious Evolution

In this project, Volkhard Krech builds up on his own research and the findings of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg ‘Dynamics …

Completed Projects

Betä Ǝsraʾel Autonomy in the Sǝmen Mountains and Its Wars with the Solomonic Kingdom

Medieval and early modern Jews usually lived as a minority under non-Jewish rule, but there are a few known cases …

Digitization of Gandharan Artefacts

The project DiGA (Digitization of Gandharan Artefacts) proposes to conceptualise the digitization of a corpus of Buddhist sculptures …

Dynamics of Text Corpora and Image Programs

Representations of Buddhist Narratives along the Silk Route

The network of long distance trade routes through Central Asia designated by Ferdinand von Richthofen as "Silk Road" have provided …

Graduate School RePliR

Regulating Religious Plurality in the Region

The interdisciplinary graduate school Religiöse Pluralität und ihre Regulierung in der Region (RePliR) focusses on the impact of religious pluralisation …

Iconic Religion

How Imaginaries of Religious Encounter Structure Urban Space

Within ongoing processes of religious pluralisation across Europe, materialized religion, in the form of icons in public space, has been …

Käte Hamburger Kolleg

Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe

The Käte Hamburger Center Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe, headed by Prof. Dr. Volkhard …

Linked Data Methodologies in Gandhāran Buddhist Art and Texts

The working group brings together scholars, curators, and Digital Humanities specialists around the theme of Linked Data Methodologies applied to …

Modelling Topics and Structures of Religious Online Communication

The project addresses two main questions: What are the structures of religious communication in online contexts, and how do religious …


Transformations of Sacredness: Religious Architecture in Urban Space in 21st Century Germany

The project is a collaboration between CERES and the Chair for the History and Theory of Architecture at the Technical …

Teaching-Learning-Project: Between Iconophily and Iconoclasm

On the Role of Images in Religion and Society

This teaching-learning-project studies the objections towards images in different cultural and religious contexts, reaching from a reflected criticism to violent …

Teaching-Learning-Project: Digital Change in the Museum

Digital transformation in the museum sector changes the transfer of knowledge in exhibitions. Technical innovations lead to entirely new ways …


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