RUB Research School

As awarded part of the German Excellence Initiative and funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation), Ruhr University Bochum offers the RUB Research School. It is designed as a special research programme for PhD candidates that is interdisciplinary in nature and aims at researchers across all university disciplines.

In attending the RUB Research School, students of the CERES PhD programme will receive extra individual training consisting of activities that are both related to their specific subjects and interdisciplinary. In addition, they will take part in classes delivering key skills. The program is adjusted to the individual PhD project which will allow the PhD candidate to acquire certain skills, but not extend the time allocated to the PhD.

The topic “Religion and Secularization” has been chosen as one of the eleven top thematic priorities of the RUB Research School. For more information, please check the website of RUB Research School.