Linked Data Methodologies in Gandhāran Buddhist Art and Texts

The working group brings together scholars, curators, and Digital Humanities specialists around the theme of Linked Data Methodologies applied to the fields of Gandhāran Art and Gandhāran Buddhism. It will develop a set of guidelines and best practice examples for publishing and linking resources, fostering interoperability between currently unrelated institutions and activities. In doing so, it will also contribute to the larger Pelagios community. Firstly, it will expand the geographic scope of linked data resources concerned with historical places (e.g. Pleiades) and iconography (e.g. IconClass). Secondly, given the close historical links between Gandhāra and the Mediterranean West, it can potentially shed new insights on the connections between Greece and Rome and Ancient India in Antiquity. Finally, with its attention to linking texts and material objects through shared vocabularies of motifs, it will build upon the working group Linked Texts and engage in a discussion that goes beyond the thematic focus on Gandhāran Buddhism.


05-09 2019

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A project of Pelagios Commons funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

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