Christian Systems of Knowledge and the Historiography of the Tagalog Religion

The project analyzes transcendent and semi-transcendent beings which were part of the Philippine mythology in pre-colonial times. It is based on the assumption that the sources dealing with these beings are strongly influenced by their authors who were Catholic missionaries from Spain. Due to their own worldview, they described Philippine mythological creatures within their own demonological framework which has to be unveiled within the analysis in order to reinterpret the nature of each being.

A similar phenomenon, just with a different result, can be observed regarding mythological creatures which were regarded as divine. Since there was no similar concept in the worldview of the missionaries, beings called anito are rather openly described in the sources and just later equalized with saints. Until now, research on these beings did not reach far.

With the help of the KHK concepts of Transcendence/Immanence-Distinction, Media and Senses, it is intended to come closer to the reinterpretation of these members of Philippine pantheon.

Affiliated Persons

Photograph of Dr. Imke Rath

Dr. Imke Rath

Individual Researcher