Subproject C03

Metaphors of Everyday Life

The project explores religious metaphors from the semantic field of ordinary, everyday life. These metaphors revolve around a semantic gap: the discrepancy between the common, lowly character of the source domain and the high, sublime qualities of an evoked divine sphere. Metaphors of everyday thus respond to a challenge of religious discourse: the difference between immanence and transcendence which they seek to bridge in a bold advance. We will retrace this imagery in the works of Cusanus and Melanchthon, whose religious language develops in dialogue with ancient and biblical sources as well as the discourses of their time.

Cooperation with the Cusanus Institute at the University of Trier

Subproject C03 will cooperate with the Institute for Cusanus Research at the University and Faculty of Theology of Trier in the coming years.

Affiliated Persons

Photograph of Prof. Dr. Linda Simonis

Prof. Dr. Linda Simonis

Project Leader

Universitätsstr. 150
44801  Bochum
Office GB 3/162
+49 234 32-28564
Photograph of PD Dr. Knut Martin Stünkel

PD Dr. Knut Martin Stünkel

Research Associate

Universitätsstr. 90a
44789  Bochum
Office 2.05
+49 234 32-21993
Photograph of Chris Klöckner

Chris Klöckner

Research Assistant

Universitätsstr. 90a
44789  Bochum
Photograph of Natchakamon Savapakarn

Natchakamon Savapakarn

Research Assistant