image of Survey on Built Religious Spaces started

Survey on Built Religious Spaces started

Religions need space - first and foremost in a very practical sense. What would the different religions of the past and present be without their sacred spaces, without buildings for prayer, without built places for the believers' meetings and without places for practicing religious rituals?

But how does the situation look like for religious minority groups and migrant communities in our cities today? Where are the spaces of these religious traditions to be found? How are they equipped and constructed? How do the believers want to prepare their sacred spaces? These and other questions are the focus of the survey "Dignified Spaces: Religious Minorities’ Aspirations in Diverse Urban Environments". CERES researcher Martin Radermacher conducts the survey which shall give insight into the significance of built environments and architectures for religious minorities and migrant communities. Everyone - members, leaders, laypersons alike - is therefore invited to participate in the survey and to share their experiences and opinions.

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