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Rereading Classical Works: The Sociology of Religion around 1900

While at the Fin de siècle academic disciplines like Sociology and Religious Studies were still in its infancy stages, the first two decades of the 20th century was nothing less than a peak phase for theoretical conceptualizations as well as differentiations in the research of religion(s). Back in the year of 1995, Volkhard Krech (Director of CERES Bochum) and Hartmann Tyrell (Prof. em. Of Sociology) edited and published the volume “Religionssoziologie um 1900” (German for: The Sociology of Religion around 1900), where they addressed this vital period. After 25 years the editor duo lately deliberately turned back to this particular volume and published a sequel with Ergon publishing house under the title “Religionssoziologie um 1900. Eine Fortsetzung” (The Sociology of Religion around 1900. A Sequel).  It represents volume 48 of the renowned series Religion in der Gesellschaft (Religion in Society).

The authors contributions and case studies to selected aspects, networks, and problems of the historical Sociology of Religion and Religious Studies spread over a total of 806 pages. A special focus is placed on the intellectual exchange and interconnections across the river Rhine between French and German academics at the time. The authors contributions deal among other things with the relations between the Sociology of Religion and their neighboring disciplines as well as the relation between religion and the social environment, like politics, economy, or art, as it was a subject of discussion of the then classical Sociology of Religion. Furthermore, a whole range of sociologists of religion and their theories like Georg Simmel, Marcel Mauss and Max Weber are covered and reflected upon. However, contributions are not limited to a focus on Europe but also look at the receptions of Max Weber's theoretical work in South Asia and China.

The volume gathers articles of Pascal Berger, Marc Breuer, Stefan Breuer, Heike Delitz, Wolfgang Eßbach, Horst Firsching, Martin Fuchs, Hermann-Josef Goße Kracht, Volkhard Krech, Stephan Moebius, Martin Petzke, Heiner Roetz, Kornelia Sammet, Hubert Treiber, Hartmann Tyrell, Raf Vanderstraeten und Friedemann Voigt.

The publication is made available both as softcover as well as an eBook by Ergon publishing.

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