New Coordinator for Digitial Humanities appointed


CERES appointed Dr. Frederik Elwert as new coordinator for digitial humanties on 1 April 2016. In this new function he deals with any issues concerning the use of digital or otherwise computer-aided methodes within the research of religion.  

In so doing, CERES aims to bring more awareness to digital humanties as an emerging branch within academia. Digital methodes can be used for a variety of projects and procedures, including the administration of sources, research data and figures as well as for publication.

The coordinator for digital humanities assists with

  • the planing of new research projects and application for funding,
  • briefings and trainings to related topics,
  • as well as with the realisation of digitial projects.

So far, the CERES Computer Café has already been well established. It provides CERES members a fruitful framework for changing information on digital humanties as well as to discuss own research ideas and projects in this field. The participants have dealt with topics such as digital cartography, digital editing of texts and methods of network analysis.

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