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Long Evening of Student Advising 2023

One day, three events 
Study orientation, rummage sale and live music: On June 15, 2023, there will be a total of three events for university members and guests on campus.

The RUB invites you to enjoy live music and cold drinks on the lawn in front of Q-West from 2 pm. On two stages there will be a DJ set and live music with up-and-coming bands.

Flea market

At the same time, a sustainability flea market will take place on the North Forum around the University Library, organized by the Asta. Old clothes and used everyday items can be exchanged and sold at 60 booths.

In the Lecture Hall Center East and in many faculties, the focus is on student advising. In lectures and workshops, prospective students will learn why Siri can't bake a cake or what Netflix actually has to do with religious studies. Student advisors and student representatives will be available at information booths to answer any questions.

From 2 to 8 p.m., the Long Evening of Student Advising will provide information on all study programs at the Ruhr-Universität, as well as introductory lectures, lab visits, and informational presentations. The CERES student advisory service will also be present at the HZO on this day.

In addition, Dunja Sharbat Dar will give a lecture on "Netflix & Pray - Religion is Everywhere" from 6 to 7 p.m. in lecture hall HZO 80. Here's what to expect at this talk: 

Religion is everywhere - really everywhere! It already starts with new media. Hollywood, Netflix and Amazon, but also Ubisoft or Sony regularly use religious themes. Series like Supernatural, Good Omens or Midnight Mass are very popular and captivate many viewers. In the anime Saint Young Men, Buddha and Jesus live in a shared apartment and we join them on their short vacation in Tokyo. Games like Dead by Daylight play with Mesopotamian elements - after all, the character "the Plague" was a Babylonian priestess in her former life.

At the Center for the Study of Religions, CERES, the subject of religion is treated very comprehensively. We look at Indian deities, ancient myths from e.g. West Asia, religion and politics in America or notorious new religious movements from different perspectives. Within the program, a distinction is made between the areas of systematics (theories and methods), history of religion, and profiling. In all of this, the focus is on providing students with the most comprehensive education possible, which can only be achieved if various aspects (theories, methods, history, internships, research) are included.

So be there when the RUB invites you to a professional exchange and common chill-out.

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