Research Associate & PhD Student

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Areas of Research

  • Religion in Japan
  • Coping and socio-religious transformational processes after catastrophe / disaster studies (3.11 / Fukushima in Tohoku, Japan)
  • Religion and space
  • Sacred architecture in the urban environment
  • Religious discourses on sexuality / queer studies
  • Religion in popular culture 
  • since 2020 – PhD project, working title:
    »Religious Space and the Invisible – understanding socio-spatial arrangements in Japanese churches«
  • 2019 – M.A. – Study of Religion (RUB)
  • 2017 – B.A. – Study of Religion & Japanese Studies (RUB & Fukushima University / 福島大学)

WS 2021/2022:

MA-Seminar: Resonating Religion: About the Intersection of Music and Religion

BA/MA-Seminar: Religion im gegenwärtigen Japan (Religion in contemporary Japan)

SoSe 2021:

BA/MA-Seminar: From Jedi Knights, Monster Hunting Cowgirls and a Teenage Witch – Religion in der Populärkultur
Team-Teaching with Anna Kira Hippert


  • „Recreating Communal Ties: Shinto and Christian Communities in Fukushima after 3.11“ at the workshop „Current status of Japanese Studies in Europe: from the point of view of the young researchers of social sciences“ (01.-02. Nov. 2019) of the European Center for Japanese Studies in Alsace (CEEJA), Kientzheim (France).
  •  „Feldforschung in Japan“ ("Fieldwork in Japan"), International Evening at CERES, Ruhr-University Bochum
  • „Pray for Japan — Religion in Zeiten von Erdbeben, Tsunami und atomarem Meltdown“ at the panel „Japanforschung“ at Connichi in Kassel (06. -09. Sept. 2019)
  • "Japanese Popculture in Germany: The Influence of Manga, Anime and J-music and the German reaction", presentation for students of the Global Leaders Program from Hitotsubashi University at Ruhr-University Bochum (03. Sept. 2014)


Podcast about our Children's book: Melting Pod (09/2021)

Forschungsaufenthalt in Fukushima, Japan

Austauschjahr in Fukushima, Japan (2014-2015)

  • Lippische Landeszeitung, 10.11.2015. LZ Bericht.

Research Associate of Center for Religious Studies and SaWa

Associate Lecturer of CERES Teaching

Member of Studienbeirat

PhD Student of CERES Early Career Researchers' Program