image of Indian World Views: A lecture by Dr. Patrick Felix Krüger on Jainist miniature painting
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Indian World Views: A lecture by Dr. Patrick Felix Krüger on Jainist miniature painting

Landscape painting is generally considered an invention of European art. It is largely unknown, however, that landscape and natural space were also common in the painting schools of Asia as an independent subject or at least as a formulaic reference to a specific place.

The lecture "Indian World Views - Nature, Environment and Landscape in Jainist Miniature Painting" by Dr. Patrick Felix Krüger follows on from the exhibition "World Views" by contrasting the Western perspective shown there with an Indian, or more precisely a Jainist view of nature and landscape.

On the basis of exhibits of the exhibition "Jain sein. Art and Life of an Indian Religion" (, a cooperation project with the Center for Religious Studies, the function of nature and landscape in the Jainist painting traditions will be explained in a generally understandable way and the symbolism of landscape and natural elements will be discussed.

The lecture will start at 12.00 p.m. in the library of Situation Kunst, Nevelstraße 29d, 44795 Bochum in Schlosspark Weitmar.  

Following the approximately 1-hour lecture, Dr. Patrick Krüger will offer a tour of the "World Views". He will take a closer look at Asian landscape painting in the field of tension between religion and art and discuss questions of the influence and relevance of religious world views on landscape representations.  

Illustration: Jainist community. India, Rajasthan, early 19th century, painting on paper, Museum Rietberg, inv. no. 2020.267. Provenance: until 1973 Alice Boner Collection; 1973-2020 Eberhard and Barbara Fischer Collection, gift of Eberhard and Barbara Fischer. © Museum Rietberg, Zurich



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