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Dunja Sharbat Dar
«Analysing Sounds? How to Study Sonic Aspects of Christian Worship in Japan»

When studying the socio-spatial arrangements of Christian worship services in Japan, it is crucial to take the material, sensory and affective dimensions into consideration. Part of these are sonic elements such as music, sounds or voices that are prominent elements of Christian worship (e.g., hymns, the pastor's sermon etc.). In this presentation, I would like to talk about one Evangelical church's worship service and discuss methods and approaches to music and sound within the framework of an empirical study of religious atmospheres of Japanese Christian practice. After a brief presentation of methods that could be used in order to make the sonic aspects of worship services available for analysis, I want to discuss ways of how to evaluate music, sounds, and voices appropiately.

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Photograph of Dunja Sharbat Dar

Dunja Sharbat Dar


Universitätsstr. 90a
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