image of Religious Change in Central- and South-East Anatolia

Religious Change in Central- and South-East Anatolia

CERES Palais, room "Ruhrpott" (4.13)

The workshop “Religious Change in Central- and South-East Anatolia” is held in preparation of the establishment of an International Research Centre in Istanbul on “Circulation, Adaption, and Invention: Religious Change in Anatolia at the Intersection of Continents and Cultures”. 

It aims to provide a synopsis of the evolution of religion within these two regions as well as their most prominent sacred sites. Furthermore, the envisioned key questions underlying the research framework pertaining to the topics of 'Environment and Religion', 'Sovereignty and Religion', and 'Connections and Interactions' are also to be dealt with in order to offer perspectives for future research on the religious history of Anatolia and for possible ways of dealing with contemporary social and religious conflicts.

Compulsory registration to by 22nd of May 2016. The workshop is free of charge.

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