Othering, Otherness, and the Other in the Avestan Texts

The project deals with an interdisciplinary study of the concept of "Othering, Otherness and the Other" in Avestan texts, especially Gatha. As we know, Zoroastrianism is philosophically dualistic and the main idea is the opposition between Ahura Mazda (= wise Lord) vs. Angra Mainiiu (= bad spirit, ignorance, deceit) and the deities and followers of each parts, especially Asha (= order) vs. Druj (= lie).

According to the Avestan texts, there are some binary concepts in this religion (e.g. Asha, Xratu) that can be used as a dividing line in order to find the contact points and demarcations through the related text. So this project aims to determine the state and quality of the "Other” in one of the most ancient religious texts in the history of religion.

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