The Logic of Gomyō

Japanese monk Gomyō (ca. b. 750, d. 834) dealt with theories of logic that were originally formultated in India. He relied on Chinese translations and comments of Sanscrit texts and wrote himself with Chinese letters. In this sense, he himself can be understand as a centre of inter-cultural encounter. One of his famous works is the introduction to the justification theory of Lüexian yinming ruzhengli men (Jap. Ryakken-immyō-nishōri-mon). As one part of this research project, his work is translated and philosophically commented for the first time. By doing so, it is hoped to make one of the most prominent Chinese texts on logic accessible to a broader discussion. Additionally, it is demonstrated that the idea of different logics, which are incompatible to each other (one of the major sources for a sceptical approach towards the inter-cultural communication), can not be maintained.


2012 - 2013

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