Interreligious Activities and Municipal Governance in the Ruhr Area

The project deals with interreligious activities and religious encounter in the Ruhr area. Since the topography of religious diversity in the Ruhr has already been explored, we are now interested in the relations between members of different religious communities and how they are conceived of and administered by public authorities.

The project's goal is to examine religious encounter and interreligious activities from two different angles. Based on empirical research in two exemplary cities we will

  1. identify and inventorise models of interreligious collaboration, such as dialogue meetings, peace prayers .
  2. explore the role of public authorities in interreligious activities and analyse the backgrounds, modes and consequences of urban diversity governance

Based on a comparative case study design the project will explore the relations between public opportunity structures and interreligious activities and enable a scientifically grounded guidance for policy makers in the region.


2012 - 2013

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Prof. Dr. Alexander-Kenneth Nagel

Project Leader