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  • Material Religion 
  • Religion and Popular Culture 
  • Religion and Media 
  • New Religous Movements and Social Change
  • Church of Scientology
  • Cowboy Church Movement  
  • American Religion 
  • Religion and Modernity 
  • Fall Termn 2022/23

Cult or Sect?- Introduction to New Religious Movements

Guest Session in the Seminar "Tricksters, Fools, Madmen and Saints" Topic: L. Ron Hubbard and Hagiography

  • Summer Term 2022

A generation under a spell – witchcraft in modern society​​​​​​

  • Fall Term 2021/22

Understanding New Religious Movements

  • Summer Term 2021

From Jedi Knights, Monster Hunting Cowgirls and a Teenage Witch – Religion and Popular Culture 

  • Fall Term 2020/21

"Yee-haw" not " Amen" – When Cowboy Culture Meets Christianity

  • Fall Term 2019/20 

Teaching Assisatant "Introduction to Religious Studies"

  • Spring Term 2020

Teaching Assistant "Introduction to Religious Studies"

Teaching Assistant "Between the flood of images and iconoclasm: On the role of images in religion and society"





November 2022: "God will not let you take me!" Religious Storytelling and Religious Symbolism in Video Games, Lecture at the Kath. Hochschulgemeinde Dortmund

July 2022: "Regulating (self-) perception? – Images and their potential for research on NRMs", Presentation as part of the online seminar of inform (Information Network Focus on Religious Movements) based at King’s College, London: "New Media and New Religiosity – Possibilities and Pitfalls?"

July 2022: Preparation and organization of the seminar "New Media and New Religiosity – Possibilities and Pitfalls?", as well as moderation.

May 2022: God Mode: Religious Symbols and Narratives in Video Games, lecture at the Kath. Hochschulgemeinde Paderborn 

December 2021: "Gaming und Religion", MDR radio interview on the topic of religion and computer games. 

November 2021: "Power of Images - The Function of Media for New Religious Movements", lecture at the 52nd IDZ Expert Discussion of the Working Group for the Protection of Children and Young Adults NRW.

November 2019: "Riding, Roping, Resurrected – When Christianity meets Horsemanship". Symposium at the Folkwang University of the Arts as part of the inter-university series "Ethnology in the Ruhr Area.

January 2019 – June 2019: Study and research stay at the University of Kansas, KS, US. Field research on the subject of "Cowboy Churches."

Supervised theses


Astrology as an Expression of Popular Spirituality? - An analysis of religious studies in context of Hubert Knoblauch's concept of spirituality 


Honor killings in the name of Islam? On the justification of honor killings based on an analysis of the concept of honor using Hatun Sürücüs as a case study.

"I am a Paladin!" - What interaction emerges between portrayed and lived religiosity in the context of (online) role-playing games?