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  • Material Religion 
  • Religion and Popular Culture 
  • Religion and Media 
  • New Religous Movements and Social Change
  • Church of Scientology
  • Cowboy Church Movement  
  • American Religion 
  • Religion and Modernity 
  • Fall Termn 2022/23

Cult or Sect?- Introduction to New Religious Movements

  • Summer Term 2022

A generation under a spell – witchcraft in modern society​​​​​​

  • Fall Term 2021/22

Understanding New Religious Movements

  • Summer Term 2021

From Jedi Knights, Monster Hunting Cowgirls and a Teenage Witch – Religion and Popular Culture 

  • Fall Term 2020/21

"Yee-haw" not " Amen" – When Cowboy Culture Meets Christianity

  • Fall Term 2019/20 

Teaching Assisatant "Introduction to Religious Studies"

  • Spring Term 2020

Teaching Assistant "Introduction to Religious Studies"

Teaching Assistant "Between the flood of images and iconoclasm: On the role of images in religion and society"




July 2022: "Regulating (self-) perception? – Images and their potential for research on NRMs", Presentation as part of the online seminar of inform (Information Network Focus on Religious Movements) based at King’s College, London: "New Media and New Religiosity – Possibilities and Pitfalls?"

July 2022: Preparation and organization of the seminar "New Media and New Religiosity – Possibilities and Pitfalls?", as well as moderation.

May 2022: God Mode: Religious Symbols and Narratives in Video Games, lecture at the Kath. Hochschulgemeinde Paderborn 

December 2021: "Gaming und Religion", MDR radio interview on the topic of religion and computer games. 

November 2021: "Power of Images - The Function of Media for New Religious Movements", lecture at the 52nd IDZ Expert Discussion of the Working Group for the Protection of Children and Young Adults NRW.

November 2019: "Riding, Roping, Resurrected – When Christianity meets Horsemanship". Symposium at the Folkwang University of the Arts as part of the inter-university series "Ethnology in the Ruhr Area.

January 2019 – June 2019: Study and research stay at the University of Kansas, KS, US. Field research on the subject of "Cowboy Churches."