Muslims, who become Christians - Radio talk with Volhard Krech


Individual conversion from one religion to another can be found again and again in the history of religions. However, religions often reglement or even prohibit such conversion, among others Islam and Christianity. 

Some Muslim refugees wanted to be christened after had fled to Germany. It is especially the christening of asylum seekers with Muslim background that devides the Churches. While for some this baptism is the realisation of the missionary mandate, for other church officials and even politicans, these conversion are only done for one reason alone: To gain more chances in receiveing a residence permission. But how to find out the real motivation behind a baptism?

This and further questions were discussed in a radio round table conducted by German radio station SWR3. Among others, the director of the CERES, Prof. Dr. Volkhard Krech, participated. Listen to the show's podcast (in German only) here.