image of Modern and symbolic: New logo for CERES

Modern and symbolic: New logo for CERES

Exciting news: The Center for Religious Studies has a new logo! In collaboration with the Hagen-based agency Online Experience, a new design has been created that is clearer in its design and thus more contemporary, but still ties in with the previous design language. On the CERES side, feedback from students and staff was incorporated into the implementation to ensure that the various status groups feel equally addressed by the design.

An essential component of the CERES logo is the stylized ear of corn, which refers to the Roman goddess Ceres, the goddess of growth and fertility. In a figurative sense, this expresses CERES' claim to increase knowledge about religions and religious formations in the past and present. This is underlined by the color scheme: yellow is associated in color symbolism with reason, wisdom and knowledge, among other things. The blue shade of the CERES lettering in turn echoes the corporate design of the Ruhr University.

The changeover to the new logo will take place gradually. From now on, the new design can be found on our website, on social media and other digital media. The new logo will be introduced on print materials and signage in the coming weeks and months. Among other things, the concept of sustainability plays an important role. We want to ensure that all materials already printed, such as brochures or flyers, are used in full before they are replaced by new ones.