image of Great Works of Kagyü School Explored in Munich

Great Works of Kagyü School Explored in Munich

Vivien Staps and Ben Müller from our CERES BuddhistRoad project were on the road in Munich from Friday, June 16 to Monday, June 19, where they visited the Drikung Garchen Institute of the Garchen Foundation.

The Institute is a center of the Tibetan Buddhist Drikung Kagyü tradition under the direction of H. E. Garchen Rinpoche. It offers lectures, seminars, meditations, and other activities. The scholar-monk Khenchen Nyima Gyaltsen (Tib. mKhan chen Nyi ma rgyal mtshan) gave expositions and explanations there to one of the great works of the Kagyü school, the Theg chen bstan po’i snying po [The Essence of Mahāyāna Teachings] by Ngoje Repa (1161–1211, Tib. Ngo rje ras pa).

Vivien and Ben were not only in the company of many lamas on the grounds of the institute, but above all met a large circle of professional colleagues and a team of translators consisting, among others, of Claude Jürgens, Sonam Spitz, and Katrin Querl.