Upcoming Workshop: Eurasian Visions and Entanglements

The upcoming workshop "Eurasian Visions and Entanglements: Geopolitics and Religions, Past and Present" is organized by Otto Kallscheuer and Vasilios N. Makrides, both currently visiting research fellows at the Käte Hamburger Kolleg "Dynamics inthe History of Religions between Asia and Europe". The workshop will take place on 29-30 January 2013. It aims at offering an overview of the various visions about Eurasia which have been articulated and disseminated in past and present times alike. It is about ideas, conceptions, ideological schemes or socio-political programs with regard to a common Eurasian space and its implications, usually as terrain of identification or confrontation between religious and political (imperial and/or national) identities and legitimations.