Buddhism in Central Asia II: Second conference volume of the BuddhistRoad project published


The second conference volume of the ERC funded project BuddhistRoad has been published.

The volume entitled "Buddhism in Central Asia II—Practices and Rituals, Visual and Material Transfer" edited by Yukiyo Kasai and Henrik H. Sørensen is published as the 12th volume in the series "Dynamics in the History of Religion" (Brill), and is based on the contributions of the BuddhistRoad mid-project conference, held on 16th-19th September, 2019 at Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Following the publication of the first conference volume, "Buddhism in Central Asia I—Patronage, Legitimation, Sacred Space, and Pilgrimage", edited by Carmen Meinert and Henrik H. Sørensen in 2020, the volume focuses on two of the six thematic clusters explored in the BuddhistRoad project, namely aspects of the transfer of religious knowledge. The first part, "practices and rituals", deals with eschatological practices such as meditation and rites of transcendence, as well as research into the material culture of these practices, such as maṇḍalas and talismans. The second part, "visual and material transfer", refers to religious art and material culture, including shared iconographies and the dissemination of "Khotanese" themes.

Bibliographical Information:

Buddhism in Central Asia II—Practices and Rituals, Visual and Material Transfer, edited by Yukiyo Kasai and Henrik H. Sørensen. Leiden: Brill, 2022 - ISBN: 978-90-04-50844-6.

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Contributors are: Jacob P. Dalton, Erika Forte, Haoran Hou, Yukiyo Kasai, George Keyworth, Ines Konczak-Nagel, Ciro Lo Muzio, Carmen Meinert, Lilla Russell-Smith, Iain Sinclair, Henrik H. Sørensen, Michelle C. Wang, and Jens Wilkens.