image of Be informed at all Time: CERES Studies Coordination opens Facebook Account

Be informed at all Time: CERES Studies Coordination opens Facebook Account

In order to keep up to date when it comes to relevant information around studying at CERES, we just opened a new Facebook account. From now on our staff will regularly post the newest information, changes, cancellations, and events relevant for students of the CERES study programmes. 

Please visit or click the direct link here

Our CERES Studies Coordination team is available for all students enrolled in a CERES programme. Given the dynamic situtation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, especially in summer term 2020 many questions will arise. All students are therefore requested to keep themselves informed about the recent developments around their courses. 

CERES has established several channels to disseminate the latest news:


The CERES Studies Coordination team offers the newest information on the study programmes on its own Facebook page. 


At all undergraduated students find up to date information and materials for their B.A. courses (in German).

The website offers the latest news and all neccessary materials for graduate students of the M.A. study programme.


All students are furthermore recommended to subscribe to the Relwiss-Info-List, which shares the most recent student related information for CERES undergraduates and graduates in German. Simply enlist with your e-mail address.

RUB E-mail account:

Every student of the Ruhr Universität Bochum and CERES resp. receives an own university e-mail account. This personal address is used by the university rectorate and other offical bodies as well as the CERES Dean of Students to inform about offical decisions and regulations. NB: This e-mail address is of high importance during a period of crisis, which is currently the Coronavirus crisis.