Akademische Wundertüte - A contribution to the series "Academic Unboxings" in the Rheinische Post


In a recent article the "Rheinische Post" reports about the video series "Academic Unboxings" of CERES. In this series - following the well-known pattern of unboxing videos, in which different products are unpacked and presented in front of the camera - previously unopened boxes from the mission collection of the African missionaries "White Fathers" are examined and commented on by individual scientists*.

The collection, which has been at CERES since the summer of 2021, includes numerous textual testimonies such as diaries or letters, as well as art objects, maps and photographs. In order to make the objects of this collection a bit more tangible, Tim Karis, Patrick Krüger and Martin Radermacher have chosen the format of unboxing videos. For example, as part of events, individual participants* are invited to spontaneously take a look at the collection and examine individual archival materials or artifacts while the camera is running.

In this way, a video format has been created that playfully manages to make the work of the scientists visible and thus contributes to the transfer of knowledge.

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