image of Late Antiquity as an Epoch of Translation

Late Antiquity as an Epoch of Translation

CERES Palais, room "Ruhrpott" (4.13)

This is a two-day Workshop now running in Bochum at the CERES Center on “How Sasanian Science and Literature passed on to the Muslims.” We have won the cooperation of a dozen internationally renowned scholars who will share their insights on transference of cultural via translation movement.

To study the written literature procured by means of translation under the Sasanians, we shall keep in mind that theirs was an empire; they dominated a vast multicultural territory comprising dozens of ethnic groups, religions, and languages. In such hybrid and heterogeneous conditions translation for transmission of knowledge, for interreligious relations and settlement of conflicts, or for integration strategies was imperative to the survival of the empire. Thus in order to determine the parameters of translation activity in this period, all social, religious, political  groups actively participating in this long term culture transfer and amalgamation process needs to be addressed. Our honorable will help us in achieving that goal.

Workshop programme:

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Prof. Dr. Kianoosh Rezania


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Dr. Mohsen Zakeri


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