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Transculturality in Humanities and Social Sciences


Online Event

The upcoming workshop on methods entitled “Transculturality in the Humanities and Social Sciences" at CERES, organized by PhD student Percy Arfeen, will be held online via Zoom on March 30, 2022 between 9:30am and 4pm (Zoom link).

The first session of the workshop will begin with a lecture on "Transculturality and Transrituality" by invited speaker Prof. Dr. Ruprecht Mattig (TU Dortmund). Afterwards, Dr. Serena Autiero (CERES, RUB) will introduce you to "Concepts of Transculturality and Globalization in the Study of the Pre-Modern World". In the final session Percy Arfeen will present preliminary observations on "Technologies and Motifs in 16th Century Kerala, South India" from her doctoral research.

Affiliated Persons