Vernisage: THE URBAN SACRED - Städtisch-religiöse Arrangements in Amsterdam, Berlin und London


How does religious icons influence the public space of European metropoles? When - and for how long - is a building, a space, an object seen as a religious one? Which chances are visible? How does the sacred interacts with its urban environment? Since 2013, this and further questions have been addressed by scholars of religion of three European universities (Bochum, Lancaster, Utrecht) in the research project "Iconic Religion".

The exhibition The Urban Sacred provides insights into the research. Complemented by photographic and perspective of artists Henriette Kriese, Tania Reinicke und Nina Gschlössl, complex arrangements of religion in urban space become visible. 

After Bochum, the exhibition will be shon in London, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

Exhibition place:

Kunstmuseum Bochum
Kortumstr. 147
44787 Bochum

Affiliated Persons

Photograph of Prof. Dr. Susanne Lanwerd

Prof. Dr. Susanne Lanwerd



Dr. Sabrina Weiß