Film screening: “The Three Peaks”

“The Three Peaks” (56 min). Documentary by Ksenia Pimenova. CNRS-Images, 2016.

Languages: Russian, Tuvan. Subtitles: French. 

In a village of the Republic of Tuva (Russian Federation) three women manage the religious organization of shamans « The Three Peaks » and deal with the local clients’ requests for healing, solving family problems, ritual purifications, and divinations. The film is centered on Vera, Russian woman from Moscow. She learnt shamanic rituals from her Tuvan shaman master, deceased in 1997, inherited his helping spirits and became recognized by her clients and her pairs. Through Vera’s character, the film addresses the main questions of the post-Soviet revival of Tuvan shamanism: the knowledge transmission, the role of the elders, the hierarchical construction of the religious field, and the ritual communication.

The film-maker will be present and give an introduction to the topic.



Dr. Ksenia Pimenova