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Talk: Shifts in American Protestantism and the Changing US Religious Landscape

External Event

Talk given by Dr. Maren Freudenberg (CERES)

The talk sheds light on two diverging trends within the religious landscape of the U.S.: the increase of so-called "nones" - citizens that do not belong to any church, denomination or religious group at all - and the growing popularity of charismatic and Neo-Pentecoastal movements. Followers of both groups are characterised by totally different ways of life, and attitudes towards societal participation.

This development points to a growing chasm not only within the religious landscape, but even further within society and culture, which certainly will have an impact on politics, not only in the coming presidential elections but beyond.


The talk is part of the conference "Still 'God's Own Country': Religion and the 2016 American Presidential Elections", Humboldt University Berlin, Theological Faculty, Burgstr. 26, Berlin Mitte.