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RELIGION & METAPHER #6 - Roy Tzohar: Liberative Metaphors: The Indian Buddhist Yogācāra Account


Online Event

Guest lecture by Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Roy Tzohar (Tel Aviv University) 

Buddhist philosophy is fundamentally ambivalent toward language, paradoxically seen as both obstructive and necessary for liberation. As a case study, this talk will present the ingenious response to this tension from the Yogācāra school of Indian Buddhism, arguing that all language-use is metaphorical. Exploring the profound implications of this claim, as well as its broader Indian scholastic context, Tzohar will make the case for viewing the Yogācāra account as a full-fledged theory of meaning, one that is not merely linguistic, but also applicable both in the world as well as in texts.

The lecture is open to all members of the university and academic audiences. Please contact in order to receive the access data for the lecture.