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Lunchbox Lecture (MPCD Project): About Problematic Aspects in Some Chapters of the Dēnkard 3, Dr. Mihaela Timuș


CERES Palais, room "Turfan" (0.13)

The ‘combinatory art’ refers here to a specific algorithm used in certain chapters of Dk 3. It is obtained by networking a limited number of concepts, is organized in function of the basic opposition good / bad, and has the purpose to provide taxonomies. It was firstly defined by the author in a previous article (Irano-Judaica 7, 2019) and is described at length in her forthcoming monograph Zoroastrian Patterns of Reasoning. In this paper she proposes the reading of parts of the 15 chapters revealing this logical operation, by pointing out various philological problems she encountered along the work of their transliteration, transcription, and new translation.