Workshop: Ancient Central Asian Networks. Rethinking the interplay of Religions, Art and Politics across the Tarim Basin (5th-10th c.)

FNO 02/ 40-46

The goal of the workshop is to explore the dynamics of cultural transmission and communication in Eastern Central Asia during the second half of the 1st millennium CE. This will be done following an interdisciplinary approach, based on recent data acquired from archeological excavations and the analysis of visual and textual resources. “Central Asian networks” here denotes, both in their physical context (historical and geographical) and in a conceptual sense, as connections established by means of religious ideas, political alliances (often sanctioned through familial relations) and economic interests. A special focus of the workshop will be on the interdynamics of the macro and micro level of these networks as exemplified by two major hubs, Khotan and Dunhuang, and the impact that their privileged channel of communication had in the exchanges across the Tarim basin. 


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