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CERES Research Colloquium

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Floriana Marra: The Manichaean Cosmos between Iranian and Heterogenous Traditions of Knowledge

Hybrid event.


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My PhD project examines both Manichaean cosmology and cosmogony as such and in comparison with that of Zoroastrianism. The topic is significant because it concerns not only individual salvation, but the entire religious system. Since its discovery, Manichaeism has been predominantly considered as an "imitator", especially towards Zoroastrianism: in accordance with this view, Manichaean cosmology has also been considered as a mere copy of the Zoroastrian conception of the cosmos, the description of which we find in the Pahlavi books, especially in the Bundahišn. The project attempts to find a common background between these two religions and to clarify how Manichaeism and Zoroastrianism shaped cosmological knowledge into two different systems. After an introduction to Manichaean cosmogony and cosmology and some preliminary remarks on the similarities and differences with Zoroastrianism, the presentation will focus on explaining the project and discussing its methodology, theoretical framework, and research goals.

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