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Asian World Outlooks: Nature, Environment and Landscapes in the Painting Traditions of Persia, India, and China

External Event

Talk by Dr. Patrick Krüger (Bochum) in German language

Landscape painting in general is thought to be an European domain. However, often unknown, landscapes and nature can also be found in various painting traditions of Asia as an sujet in its own sense. The talk corresponds to the current exhibition "Weltsichten/World Outlooks" of the Situation Kunst. The exhibition contrasts western perspectives of nature and landscapes with Asian ones. The talk especially focuses on the different paiting traditions in Persia, India and China and their influence on pictures of landscapes and natures.

The talk till be given in Situation Kunst (für Max Imdahl), Nevelstr. 29c (in the Park of Haus Weitmar), 44795 Bochum