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Arabic and Islam on the Move: Cross-Cultural Encounters between Arabia and Malabar 900s-1500s


CERES Palais, room "Ruhrpott" (4.13)

Malabar on the west coast of South India was an important node in the medieval Indian Ocean maritime trade networks at the juncture of cross-cultural encounters between Southwest and Southeast Asia. The workshop will focus on the role of Arabic and Islam in engendering the transregional networks that operated across the long-distance trade routes. Especially Madayi, in north Malabar, is a promising ground for interdiciplinary research combining ar-chaeological excavations, textual studies in Arabic and Arabic-Malayalam and ethnoarchaeology to uncover the hidden history of Islam in Malabar. Archaeologists, historians, ethnologists and experts on language and culture in the Arab world and in South Asia will gather for combining their respective methodological approaches and analytical perspectives in studying the social and cultural history of the region. 

The Workshop Arabic and Islam on the Move: Cross-cultural Encounters between Arabia and Malabar 900s-1500s is jointly organized by CERES and the Department of History, Government Brennen College in Kerala, South India, following a bilateral workshop that took place at Madayi in April 20-22.