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Dr. Cristiano Moscatelli

Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter DiGA

Cristiano Moscatelli studied Indian history of art and archaeology at La Sapienza University of Rome (BA) and at “L’Orientale” University of Naples (MA), Italy. He is now a Dr. and just finisihed his thesis titled “Buddhist and Non-Buddhist steles from the urban centre of Bīr-koṭ-ghwaṇḍai, Swat Valley (Pakistan). Material culture and religiosity in Late-Kuṣāṇa era” at “L’Orientale”.

He is a member of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Pakistan (IAMP-ISMEO) and of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan (IAMA-ISMEO). Since 2021, he joined the Digitisation of Gandharan Artefacts (DiGA) Project at CERES, Bochum University.

Trained as an art historian, Cristiano Moscatelli is specialised in Gandharan studies. His research is particularly focused on Buddhist visual and material culture, and on the relationships between Buddhism and local religious systems within the civil society in ancient Gandhara. 


Buddhist culture, Gandharan Studies, Religion and Art, Inter-religious encounters in NW Indian Subcontinent, cultural heritage

Moscatelli, Cristiano. Forthcoming. Catalogue of the Gandharan Steles from the Excavation in the Historic Settlement at Bīr-koṭ-ghwaṇḍai (Barikot) Swat Valley, Pakistan. With an appendix on the Gandharan sculptural fragments from the site (1984-2020). ACT RemMem VII/Varikot Interim Reports 7.

Moscatelli, Cristiano, S. Shah, Niaz Ali, und Luca M. Olivieri. 2016. „A Late Kushan Urban Temple from Bazira/Vajīrasthāna. Data from the 2016 Excavation Campaign at Barikot, Swat“. Pakistan Heritage 8: 49-61. 

Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in von Centrum für Religionswissenschaftliche Studien , DiGA und Südasiatische Religionsgeschichte