image of Traveling Texts and Inter-Religious Exchanges and Encounters

Traveling Texts and Inter-Religious Exchanges and Encounters

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The workshop will explore tradition transfer between different cultures and religions by focusing on so-called “traveling texts” or “traveling motifs”, especially those that transcend boundaries of religion/language. We look at such issues as the appearance of certain texts and motifs in different languages and religious traditions, the process of this transmission, the kind of texts that seem to be more likely to transcend such (imagined or real) boundaries, and the kind of changes that occur in the process. Individual papers will focus on specific cases and texts, some noteworthy motifs that received a wide diffusion, or explore theoretical perspectives behind this tradition-transfer.

The workshop will raise such questions as: why texts travel, in what context, what kind of texts travel and if we can detect any general patterns with respect to the content/genre of traveling texts and the religious traditions through or across which they travel.

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