image of Forschungskolloquium: Material Culture

Forschungskolloquium: Material Culture

CERES-Palais, Raum "Turfan" (0.13)

The workshop "Material Culture" is organized as part of the CERES PhD Colloquium Workshop Series for this term, on the 19th of September, 2019. The Workshop is divided into three sessions to be facilitated by Percy Arfeen, Jessie Pons and Lilith Apostel respectively.

Since it is primarily targeted at young researchers, Session 1 will be an introduction to Material Culture, followed by specific case studies presented in sessions 2 and 3. Each session will include a presentation which will be followed by discussions. The details of the workshop can be found on the program attached below.

Participants are encouraged to read Woodward, Ian (2007)."The Material as Culture. Definitions, Perspectives, Approaches", in Ian Woodward, Understanding Material Culture, Sage Publications: London, pp. 3-16  as a preparatory read. Readings specific to the workshop sessions are mentioned in the program and are linked to below.

The workshop is open to all, however, all interested participants are requested to kindly send Percy Arfeen an email confirming their participation.

Workshop programme


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Percy Arfeen-Wegner

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