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The Final Frontier: Unveiling the Language of Eschatology

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The upcoming workshop, "The Final Frontier: Unveiling the Language of Eschatology," organized by the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1475 at Ruhr University Bochum, explores the evolution of eschatological ideas in ancient and late antique Asia and Europe. Grounded in the CRC's research on metaphors in religious language, the workshop aims to foster dialogue among scholars specializing in diverse cultures and religions. The focus is on understanding the role of metaphor in conceptualizing eschatological notions, revealing similarities and differences across different cultures and religions.

The workshop covers captivating topics such as the origins of eschatological ideas, inherited mythologemes, the conceptualization of the journey to the hereafter, paradisiacal and evil realms, reward and punishment, time in relation to eschatological developments, judgment, salvation, ultimate renovation, and the borrowing and assimilation of eschatological ideas through metaphors. The workshop format offers both traditional talks and a response model, encouraging interactive discussions.

The hybrid format allows both online and in-person participation, with an invitation for all to join in person in Bochum. The workshop, scheduled for June 12–14, 2024, with its multidisciplinary approach and emphasis on conceptual metaphors, aims to provide a fresh perspective on the interconnected history of religions. Participants are eagerly invited to contribute to this enriching exploration of eschatological themes.

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