image of Religious Contact in the Early Modern Baltic Region

Religious Contact in the Early Modern Baltic Region

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In early modern times the Baltic region was a contested territory. Situated between the Lutheran kingdoms of Sweden and Denmark, Catholic Poland-Lithuania, and the Orthodox Russian empire, the region itself did not belong to any single domain entirely. The only constant factor was the local Baltic German Lutheran nobility, which retained its privileges in the administrative, judicial, and religious sphere.

As elsewhere, there have been numerous studies focusing the various religious minorities that existed in the region. However, rather little research has scrutinized inter- and intra-religious contacts, most of which included the privileged Lutheran Church of the Baltic Germans. The workshop aims at reevaluating the early modern Baltic region as an eminent place for the study of religious contact, including case-studies covering regions from Königsberg to Ingria during the time period between 1500 and 1780.

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