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Laboratory for School Students

What does the work of researchers in the field of the study of religion look like? What are they investigating? In the Alfried Krupp Laboratory for Elementary and High School Students of the RUB, school students of different age groups have the opportunity to slip into the role of scholars and to explore religious diversity. They not only gain insights into current fields of research in the study of religion, but also into methods used in humanities and social sciences. Members of the CERES knowledge transfer team accompany the school students and teach exciting topics from a cultural-scientific and non-denominational perspective. Currently, CERES offers two project of which one is now one of the most sought-after offerings of the Alfried Krupp laboratory, and the second was designed by students as part of a research-based teaching project. Two future lab projects will be developed in an interdisciplinary network within RUB.


Recent CERES projects in the Laboratory for School Students

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