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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Dhammananda Thammannawe
Date of Birth: 22nd June 1973 in Kebithigollewa/ Sri Lanka
Address: Dibergstr 27a, 44789 Bochum


1979- 1984 Primary Education: “Tittagonewa Vidyalaya”
1987- 1993 Secondary Education: “Sri Sangharaja Pirivena”, Kandy/Sri Lanka
1993 Advanced Level Examination: Buddhist Culture, Sanskrit, Pali, Sinhala

Higher Education:

1995-1999 Bachelor of Arts in Sanskrit, German, Mass-Communication, University of Kelaniya/Sri Lanka
2000-2001 Zertifikat Deutsch: Goethe-Institute, Colombo/ Sri Lanka
2004-2005 The Diploma in English: Aquinas Collage of Higher Studies, Colombo/Sri Lanka
2007-2008 Exchange Studies at University of Marburg
2008-2011 Master of Arts in Indology, University of Marburg/Germany

Work Experience:

Since April 2012 Assistant lecturer at the University of Bochum (Lehrbeauftragte)
2001-2005 English and Sanskrit teacher at “Wijaya Saugata Vidyalaya” (Secondary school) Panadura/Sri Lanka


2012 "The Reception of the Theravāda Concept of 'Mindfulness' (Sati) in German-Speaking Centres, its Description and Transformation." Young Scientists Research Colloquium, Bochum. (22.11.2012)
2009 "What is the meaning of feelings and their contemplation in Early Buddhism." Workshop Early Buddhist Meditation I, Hamburg University
2010 "The significance of the termdhamma in the context ofdhammānupassanā." Workshop Early Buddhist Meditation II, Hamburg University

Extra Curricular Activities:

- Seminar Experience on “Achtsamkeit aus buddhistischer Sicht: Grundlagen der buddhistischen Lehre und Meditation”
- Teaching Buddhism and Meditation at Buddhist House, Berlin, Germany (2006- 2007)
- Instructing Meditation at Buddhistische Begegnungsstätte, Lindenfels, Germany (2006-2007)
- Teaching Buddhism at Zurich Buddhist Vihara, Zurich, Switzerland (2005)
- Zen Training at Sogenji, Okayama, Japan (2003)