The Center for Religious Studies (CERES) is one of the seven Research Departments of the Ruhr-University Bochum. Various regional, national and international research projects are conducted by CERES. It has established contancts and cooperative partnerships with internationally renowned academic instutions in the field of religious studies worldwide.

PhD students at CERES have the opportunity to actively participate in numerous research seminars to establish contacts and put their own work in a broader perspective.

CERES offers a regular colloquium for young scientists where PhD students can present their own research project to an academic audience. This colloquium is explicitly seen as a research workshop that will not only enable the PhD student to document progress in his/her research project, but also to help advanced MA students to rise up to challenges and forge ahead, and to support PostDoc research. For more detailed information please subscribe here.

In addition, young researchers may participate in activities of CERES research proiject equivlent to their own field of research. To give one example, the Käte Hamburger Kolleg "Dynamics in the History of Religion between Asia and Europe" organises prestigous workshops and conference alike on a regular basis where major researchers from all over the world present their results. For PhD students, this provides an excellent opportunity not only for a first hand experience of major research, but also to meet internationally renowned scholars. The current activities are listed at the Käte Hambuger Kolleg homepage.

Last but least, CERES supports PhD students in organizing their own research workshops in Bochum and encourage them to participate in national and international conferences.